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So you want to be a Goon? [READ FIRST] - StumpyModCat - 13-08-2013

[Image: 96Rgwjx.png]
Welcome to the Goon Brigade.

So you want to join the most motivated, skilled and terrifying collection of GOONS that Auraxis has ever seen?
Well to make things easier for you, there are only two simple steps to do:

  1. Register on the forums here.
  2. Post a trial application at the recruitment office using the INSTRUCTIONS AND APPLICATION TEMPLATE thread here.
IMPORTANT! Sign up on the forums with the same name as your in-game character.

Further instructions will be given when your application is approved.

To remind you of our requirements:
  • We are an adult-only outfit. Ages 18+, no exceptions.
  • We prefer European-based players, others are welcome, but you need to keep the time differences into account.
  • Teamspeak: We only use TS to communicate, so you are required to be on teamspeak when playing with the outfit.
  • Microphone for voice communication purposes. Not a must, however, you'll need to be able to listen in. For officer roles, a microphone is required.
  • Active participation and team play.
  • That you do not have any other active characters on the Miller server.
  • Ability to follow orders.
  • A sense of humor.

Welcome to the fight soldier!