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Application: Hephaistus - hephaistus - 01-08-2017

Real Name: Maurice
Game Alias: Hephaistus84 (account name)

City/Country: Netherlands

FPS Experience: I am 32, my first FPS was wolfenstein. no not the new stuff but the ancient stuff, after that i passed to old school doom. all was fine untill we passed 1994 and the glorious first real fps games came along. unreal, unreal tournament. halflife. counterstrike 1.1 through 1.6 we had team fortress. all was well. but i grew older and got more responsabilities. but my hightimes in gaming was around battlefield bad company on the xbox and previously battlefield 2. i played in different groups and it was all great. now the last couple of years im actually trying to find something solid to sink my teeth in. counterstrike go is fine, and so are other fps games like the call of duty series and such. but this game is a whole new level of fun.  although it does remind me a bit of the battlefield series. so do i have experience? yeah a bit. am i any good u ask? hell no. im decend

Clan/Outfit Experience: to this game entirely new. can i follow orders? YES SIR !

Your preferred role: im kind of trying them all, but i like to train myself to be omnidextrious. all classes are needed in certain situations. so i try them all. i do suck (at this moment) the most as a sniper. damn i find that so tediously hard.

Do you have any future interest for an officer position?: shall we first see if i fit in nicely?

Your motivation: playing this game alone is very sad. so the otherday (previous mail) i came across one of your members what seem to be a commander or something like that. he was super fun and a great leader. it helped me greatly and i therefor enjoyed the game so much more. sometimes some guidens helps improve my skill and playability. and i love to learn and to improve

Microphone:i have a microphone (headset)

What are your thoughts on K/D ratio?: its a guideline if you want rough estimations. when collecting data from members about their performence KD can give a estimation about the skill. in the past it was a very good determination of skill.

the problem with this game is that there are so many more factors. like supporting abilities such as medic or engineer. making it impossible to punish someone for having a decend or lower KD ratio. kd ratio doesnt take anything else in to consideration. for example. Your commander sended us through a teleport to rush a position that was stacked with vehicles. so rocketlaunchers in the ready and GO GO GO. after i died 9 times. we cleared the position. did i make a kill???

no i didnt, cause i damaged vehicles but didnt take a single enemy out., so im 0-9. a very bad KD ratio. but i did help bringing down that position with support rocket fire. i end my thought on this for it is a very interesting debate what KD means and what we can learn from it.
Where/how did you find us?: i trip and fell in the platoon/squad and had lloats of fun!@

RE: Application: Hephaistus - haddock - 02-08-2017

[Image: 96Rgwjx.png]
Welcome to the fight, soldier!

You've just been enlisted in the greatest army of goons that the Terran republic has to offer. I hope you're ready, 'cause it's not going to be easy!

As a member of The Brigade you'll be fighting along side other goons all with the same goal, to win, to destroy the enemy and to be as brutal about it as possible.

Before we let you out there to reign havoc under the name of Goon, you must read The Survival Guide

Read it carefully, for it contains crucial information. After you are done sign the thread with /read.

To get an in-game invite, jump on the Teamspeak and ask for it.

We clear the road to victory!

RE: Application: Hephaistus - hephaistus - 04-08-2017

awsome thanks for the approval!!!!!