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GOON APPLICATION: Andrix7 - Andrix7 - 15-08-2017

Real Name: Andreas
Game Alias: Andrix7
City/Country: Kassel,Germany
FPS Experience: 500+ h Counter Strike: Global Offensive, 300 h Arma 3, 300+ h Arma 2/Operation Arrowhead, 400+ h Battlefield 4, 200 h Battlefield 3 and other FPS games like: Overwatch, DOOM 2016, Rainbow Six: Siege,   CoD Black Ops 2, CoD Modern Warfare 2, DayZ, Payday 2, Titanfall and a couple more...

Clan/Outfit Experience: Not too much, played in a small(around 15 players) arma outfit for 2 years.

Your preferred role: My preferred role has always been medic, no matter the game but im always ready to fill in other positions if needed

Do you have any future interest for an officer position?: Im not going into this with an officer position in mind, before i can think about things like this i'd like to see how good i fit into the group.

Your motivation: A couple of years ago i tried out Planetside 2 but dropped it before i even got to br50. Then, one weekend i saw a random video about planetside 2 in my recommended section and decided to give the game another chance. I was invited into an open platoon led by StumpyCat and had an absolut blast while trying to follow his orders. I was left suprised at how much fun i had while following directives.

Microphone: Yes

What are your thoughts on K/D ratio?: although i care about K/D ratio in other games, planetside is a different matter. It is just a number and in this game it doesent reflect one on one capabilities anyway.

Where/how did you find us?: Trough playing in an open platoon led by StumpyCat.

RE: GOON APPLICATION: Andrix7 - DeinLieblingsHaecksler - 15-08-2017

[Image: 96Rgwjx.png]
Welcome to the fight, soldier!

You've just been enlisted in the greatest army of goons that the Terran republic has to offer. I hope you're ready, 'cause it's not going to be easy!

As a member of The Brigade you'll be fighting along side other goons all with the same goal, to win, to destroy the enemy and to be as brutal about it as possible.

Before we let you out there to reign havoc under the name of Goon, you must read The Survival Guide

Read it carefully, for it contains crucial information. After you are done sign the thread with /read.

To get an in-game invite, jump on the Teamspeak and ask for it.

We clear the road to victory!