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GOON APPLICATION:Timmong - Timmong - 17-08-2017

Real Name: Tim

Game Alias: Timmong


City/Country:Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

FPS Experience: CS:GO, DOOM (2016). Almost all of the CoD's, Halo 3 and Halo Reach, Battlefield 4, Overwatch, TF2, Rust, Titanfall 2 to name but a few. I'd say im generally at the very least decent in all FPS games I play and I tend to try and push myself forward competitvely.

Clan/Outfit Experience: None in Planetside but I used to lead a small group of 10 players in Rust. I have also been part of various clans and communities in a few mmo's.

Your preferred role: I'd really like to take my harasser driving and gunner skills to a new level and am generally looking to improve my vehicle play. When put as infantry I would prefer to be part of a tactical small squad acting as some sort of rapid respone unit or as a flanking unit but that is a thing I feel like I will need practice in before I'm actually good at it.

Do you have any future interest for an officer position?: Potentially, yes. It depends on how well I fit in the outfit and if I feel confident enough in my skills to lead in Planetside 2. I do enjoy leading when I get the oppertunity to do so.

Your motivation: I want to join an outfit where I can start learning the more tactical and strategic aspects of Planetside 2, my solo play is currently in a good spot and I am rather confident in my solo skills. The problem is that I don't have any experience playing with a larger squad then 3. I hope thats a thing I can learn here and I feel like I would enjoy it alot more then solo play.
Microphone: Yes

What are your thoughts on K/D ratio?:I'd say its an okay indicator of skill but I don't think it matters too much in Planetside 2 considering there are so many aspects to the game. A player who plays a support role can still be amazing and change the tide of battleĀ but doesn't get many kills by doing so.

Where/how did you find us?: I played in an open platoon led by Stumpycat.

RE: GOON APPLICATION:Timmong - haddock - 17-08-2017

[Image: 96Rgwjx.png]
Welcome to the fight, soldier!

You've just been enlisted in the greatest army of goons that the Terran republic has to offer. I hope you're ready, 'cause it's not going to be easy!

As a member of The Brigade you'll be fighting along side other goons all with the same goal, to win, to destroy the enemy and to be as brutal about it as possible.

Before we let you out there to reign havoc under the name of Goon, you must read The Survival Guide

Read it carefully, for it contains crucial information. After you are done sign the thread with /read.

To get an in-game invite, jump on the Teamspeak and ask for it.

We clear the road to victory!