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GOON APPLICATION: ExeleronZ - Exeleron - 12-10-2017

Real Name: Jamal 
Game Alias: ExeleronZ
Age: 19
City/Country: Netherlands
FPS Experience: CSGO, Cod, battlefield, doom
Clan/Outfit Experience: none
Your preferred role: I would prefer to play support, medic/engineer. Though I can play any role.
Do you have any future interest for an officer position?: Yes, but not now as I think I do not have enough experience yet.
Your motivation: I want to hone my skills in ps2 and joining a clan like this would be one of the best experiences in the game.
Microphone: Yes
What are your thoughts on K/D ratio?: K/D is a silly stat tot look at in planetside because it doesn't appeal to all playstyles.
Where/how did you find us?: A friend recommended me to join found out about this from him. his name is Timmong.

RE: GOON APPLICATION: ExeleronZ - DeinLieblingsHaecksler - 12-10-2017

[Image: 96Rgwjx.png]
Welcome to the fight, soldier!

You've just been enlisted in the greatest army of goons that the Terran republic has to offer. I hope you're ready, 'cause it's not going to be easy!

As a member of The Brigade you'll be fighting along side other goons all with the same goal, to win, to destroy the enemy and to be as brutal about it as possible.

Before we let you out there to reign havoc under the name of Goon, you must read The Survival Guide

Read it carefully, for it contains crucial information. After you are done sign the thread with /read.

To get an in-game invite, jump on the Teamspeak and ask for it.

We clear the road to victory!